Dani Reardon

Because delts. Wow.

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Hot, hard gym beef

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Which do you prefer: the slender physique woman, or the big muscular bodybuilding woman?

I prefer the big, muscular women; what about you?

Definitely Big, but sexy is sexy no matter the size

I like big women. They strut with a sort of cockiness that I love, and their muscles look like they were chiseled into their bodies.

The bigger the better! + super ripped and vascular = unbeatable



I know a ton of my followers a fans of muscle in some sort of fashion. I spoken to a few of you in regards to the removal of the FBB division of competing, and it’s really sad that they are doing this. I support this cause and if you can as well, it would be great because not only will you be helping just Irene Anderson, but all female body builders. No one in society, no matter where you’re from should tell women how muscular they can become. So please help out if you can.


Too big for the world

A documentary about one woman’s dream and the discrimination against female bodybuilders. Change history-save female bodybuilding!

Too big for the world is a crowd-sourced documentary from Irene Andersen and Helle Nielsen about love for building muscles, female strength and discrimination against female bodybuilders. 2014 both the European championship, the World championship and Arnold Classic removed female bodybuilding. This means there are only one really big competition left and that is Olympia. Many female bodybuilder are now afraid that Olympia will remove the female bodybuilding division too.

Therefore we’re making a documentary about this and it’s called Too big for the world.

Be part of making this film! You will never see a more epic film about muscular women but to make this a reality you need to step up and show that female bodybuilding is worth fighting for!

You can contribute here on the Indiegogo campaign: Too big for the world or donate directly on the website: Anonymous donations accepted.

Irene Andersen, IFBB PRO from Sweden, is on a mission to save female bodybuilding from extinction. Helle Nielsen is Irene’s very important sidekick that will do all she can to show the beauty and strength of FBB.

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